Hapman Attends the Industrial Minerals Association — North America Technology Workshop, March 9-11 in Orlando

Kalamazoo, Mich. — Hapman will attend and participate in the Industrial Minerals Technology Workshop, hosted by the Industrial Minerals Association – North America (IMA-NA) at the Buena Vista Palace Hotel and Spa in Orlando, Fla. on March 9-11, 2014.

The workshop offers industrial mining members the chance to share and discuss topics such as safety, health, environment, operations and engineering. Minerals processing presents significant challenges; from conveying highly abrasive or corrosive materials on multiple planes, over long distances, or at high temperatures, to minimizing dust and preventing loss of material.

Hapman’s booth will feature how it’s Tubular Drag and En-Masse Conveyors are ideally suited to overcome the challenges of mineral processing. The conveyors are totally enclosed to protect the environment and worker safety, designed for 24/7 operation in harsh environments, and yet they still offer low energy consumption and gentle handling of materials.

“Hapman is proud to return the IMA-NA technology workshop as an exhibitor and to assist IMA members to find more efficient ways to improve their material handling performance,” said Jim Hughes, Director of Sales for Hapman. In addition to a booth, On Monday, March 9 at 10:50 a.m. Hughes will present, “Explore a Better Alternative Conveyor vs. Traditional Belt and Screw Conveyors.” The presentation will focus on providing a better understanding of alternative conveyors that improve safety, efficiency, increased production demands, and are more dependable.

Material Handling Expertise Backed by 60 Years of Experience

Henry Hapman invented the Tubular Drag concept in 1945. The breakthrough technology is still widely used today because of the strong material movement advantages and system layout flexibility. The totally enclosed conveying systems allows materials to be moved over long distances, over multiple planes, and through infrastructure. The chain and flight design are engineered for the material and flow rate of each application. The durable and rugged conveying design provides long-life with minimal maintenance while also moving material without degradation or separation.

Hapman also harnessed the power of the En-Masse conveying principle. This type of conveyor moves thousands of pounds per hour of material in a small footprint, when compared to other conveying methods. The En-Masse conveyor is ideal for minerals processing because of the ability to effectively move material in a wet or dry state, at temperatures reaching 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit, while completely enclosed in a casing of heavy-duty AR plate. The material is moved by the company’s industry-exclusive drop forged, case hundred chain, offering long-life even in harsh operating environments.

Hapman Sponsors Local Little League


Hapman Supports Community by Sponsoring Local Little League

 Hapman reaches out to the community in support of the Alamo Little League. The Alamo Little League accommodates players of ages ranging from four years old to 18. The little league is available for children and teens that live in Otsego and Gobles, Michigan. They encourage parents to volunteer, as well as others in the community, to assist with umpiring, concession, and any preparation prior to the start of the season. The sponsorship opportunities help to cover the costs for children to participate. “To be able to help children in the community afford to play sports and be a part of a team is a real honor, and we are proud to have the opportunity to assist in the Little League’s efforts,” notes Hapman Vice President, Greg Patterson.  The little league season runs until the third week of June, and all games begin at 6:00 pm.


No Show Excuses – Hapman will NOT attend PTXi in 2014!

As a valued customer we wanted to let you know that Hapman will not have a booth at the International Powder & Bulk show in Rosemont, IL. Rather than giving you a boring, lengthy explanation letter about why we are not attending the show, we chose to have some fun with our announcement. Please see the video link below to watch as the drama of the Hapman Office, No Show Excuses unfolds at our Headquarters. There are two Episodes for you to see.  Come back to this link next week for the final episode! Don’t miss what everyone in the industry will be talking about!


We realize this is a big departure from the industry norm.  The decision not to attend was only made after a detailed evaluation.  The bottom line is, we firmly believe there are better ways to serve you.

Hapman Changes Strategy for Trade Show Attendance

Large industry tradeshows have been a part of the processing industry for decades. Over the past 10 years, Hapman has seen a declining return on investment at larger shows as costs to host a booth at these events becomes increasingly more expensive. Over the past decade we have also witnessed a shift in our customer’s needs; greater engineering support, more comprehensive systems design, more technologically advanced equipment and systems, help handling raw material with larger deviations in consistency, and long-term equipment and component support. These shifts have required us to offer a broad range of assistance and to manage a material handling project from design through commissioning. To exceed the needs of our customers, Hapman has made the strategic decision not to participate in large industry events. We believe our money is best spent enhancing the technology in our offering and adding to the expertise of our staff so we can better support industry. We also believe smaller, niche conferences have a greater positive outcome for us and our customers. Conferences that provide education and peer-to-peer interaction coupled with vendors who have the experience and knowledge to support the industry seem to offer a better learning environment for all. Our trade show schedule for 2014 and beyond reflects this shift in our strategy. Our commitment to the powder & bulk industry has never been stronger and our dedication to making our customer’s experience when working with us a positive one, has never been more focused.

Attendance at the Sulphur World Symposium

We attended Sulphur World Symposium in Long Beach, California this week. The event, which ran from Monday April 7th through Wednesday April 9th, 2014 is hosted by the Sulphur Institute, a non-profit organization representing all facets of the industry from production, to trading and handling, to consuming. The institute promotes safe, efficient handling and transportation of all sulphur products while protecting environmental interests.

Our conveyors and other material handling equipment are used in the minerals processing industries. Our business in this market has grown but our focus on Sulphur, to date, has been limited. The experience at the symposium was beneficial, we learned more about the industry and how we are positioned to help with the transportation and processing challenges of sulphur.