The conveyor reliably and quietly moves all types of bedding, enrichment items, metal tags, gloves or other lab materials that may be concealed in the bedding when emptied. The Tubular Drag Conveyor comes equipped with Hapman’s patented auto-tensioner, designed to automatically keep the chain at optimum performance, even under varying loads. The conveyor is engineered to fit existing facilities, allowing for ergonomic and workflow improvements. The Tubular Drag Convyeor’s sealed, quiet operation allows for it to be concealed behind walls and above ceiling tiles and has the ability to carry material over long distances.

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About Hapman

For more than 60 years, Hapman has been the leading provider of bedding handling systems for vivariums and labs. Hapman has engineered the most advanced material handling equipment and systems, designed specifically for the rigors of the research industry. For more information on Hapman, visit