Hapman was the first industrial bulk material handling manufacturer to introduce tubular drag conveyor technology in 1945. Since this time, Hapman has continued to add new options and design elements, offering five different industrial chain designs with virtually unlimited flight options. “The wide range of chain and flight options give us the best conveying results for all types of dry product; from fine powder, to friable and mixed granular, to large particle abrasive materials,” notes Mr. Matuszewski.

The operating technology of the tubular drag conveyor uses a low energy consumption drive box unit and an integral, patented auto-tensioner. The drive box pulls the chain and flight assembly through the enclosed tube at a rate specifically engineered for optimum processing and product integrity. The patented auto-tensioner maintains the proper tension on the chain at all times, providing long uninterrupted production cycles. The layout options of the tubular drag conveyor are almost endless, conveying on multiple planes, around corners, through walls and above ceiling tiles.

During the Solids 2013 Exposition in Antwerp, Hapman Europe will be located at stand C1002. In addition to the featured tubular drag conveyor, Hapman Europe will also have product information on the Helix® flexible screw conveyor and the line of bulk bag unloaders. Engineers will be at the stand throughout the show to answer technical questions about the equipment and to discuss specific material handling applications.

About Hapman

For more than 60 years, Hapman has provided manufacturing plants around the world with the most technologically advanced powder and bulk handling equipment and systems, offering customized systems for chemical, food, pharmaceutical, plastics, building, minerals, and other industries. For more information on Hapman, visit www.hapman.eu.