The Managed Maintenance Program (MMP) is designed to keep customers operating smoothly for years to come. The regularly scheduled equipment inspections can identify potential wear parts or components before they become an issue. The evaluation includes a consultation to include ways on proactively preventing major repairs as well as ways to make cost-saving improvements. The MMP offers customized programs to include training the maintenance staff during routine schedules to improve machine uptime, performance and longevity.

“We understand the importance of keeping the lights on in today’s marketplace,” said Tom Goudzwaard, Customer Service Manager for Hapman. “In order for an application to run efficiently and meet the demands of the market, it requires maintenance to prevent unplanned obstacles that can cause production downtime.”

“We’re actively taking steps to extend our customer service to ensure our customers’ operations run smoothly and profitably,” added Goudzwaard.

To set up an initial inspection, call 1-800-427-6260, or visit

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