Hapman has released a new bulk material density guide consisting of powder and bulk solids.

The Guide is a comprehensive online reference tool to help customers determine the correct specifications in designing a system. It is readily available on every product page as well as the support page, www.hapman.com/resources/bulk-material-density-guide. It offers easy access to hundreds of material densities and is especially user-friendly since it includes a compound search option that quickly identifies the specific material customers are looking for.

The Guide is also designed so that anyone can make an addition to the database through an online request form. This feature ensures the Guide is always up-to-date and customers can work with the most current information. Materials in bold are among 2,600 substances Hapman has helped customers to convey.

“Our goal in designing the bulk density guide is to provide customers with the information of various powders and bulk solids to aid in their application process,” said Jim Hughes, Director of Sales for Hapman. “If customers are conveying more than one type of material, they can research their densities in one convenient location.”

For more information, go to www.hapman.com. Print copies in standard format can be requested by calling 1-800-427-6260.

Hapman Ideas that move™ include the most technologically advanced powder and bulk handling equipment and systems for food, chemical, pharmaceutical, plastics and other industrial processors. That expertise combined with more than 10,000 global installations and the conveyance of more than 2,600 distinct materials make Hapman an innovation leader.