Hapman continues to expand the capability of its innovative Solidquid™ solid/liquid delivery system with numerous options to improve process efficiency and operator safety when dealing with materials that agglomerate.solidquid

The custom-engineered system uses frame-mounted pneumatic bag agitators to maintain an uninterrupted flow of sluggish materials from bulk bags. Hapman’s LumpMaster® effectively breaks up agglomerated material prior to entering the PosiPortion™ feeder. This assures a more consistent feed, eases mixing into the motive liquid stream and prevents obstructions in the throat of the eductor.

An access chamber with integral dust collector not only pulls airborne particulate away from the operator, but eliminates lost product and a potential waste stream typical of other remote dust collector options.

Controls can vary from panels that take their lead from a supervisory system to totally free-standing options with choice of PLC and communication protocols. Most free-standing options include a touch screen HMI for ease of calibration, recipe changes, status monitoring, performance monitoring and diagnostics

“It’s just naturally humid in many process environments, particularly those where solids and liquids are combined. This can be a real concern when materials tend to absorb ambient moisture and become sluggish or worse, actually form a crust or other agglomerations in the bag,” notes Joe Zerbel, Solidquid product manager with Hapman. “We’re pleased to have designed the Solidquid with so many modular options and countermeasures uniquely suited to maintain optimum material flow and maximize process efficiency.”


The Solidquid features the PosiPortion feeder and solids eductor as core technologies and commonly uses a bulk bag unloader chassis. However, any one of Hapman’s other conveying means are capable of automatically refilling the feeder for continuous rate delivery and high-frequency batching. The system automatically combines the solid and liquid according to the desired concentration and delivers the suspended or dissolved solid to a mix tank, holding tank or directly to the downstream process.

In addition to dramatically reducing mix times, Solidquid’s vertical design saves on floor space. Because the system does not require a mechanical conveyor, maintenance and energy costs are reduced

Hapman Ideas that move™ include the most robust and versatile powder and bulk handling equipment and systems for a variety of industries including food manufacturing, chemical processing, water treatment, pharmaceutical, plastics and other industrial consumer needs. That expertise combined with more than 10,000 global installations and successfully handling more than 2,600 distinct materials make Hapman a choice that inspires confidence in plant professionals world-wide.