Hapman has recently introduced its exclusive Helix® Hi/Lo mobile flexible screw conveyor with integrated bag compactor and bag dump station/dust collection hood to offer maximum dust containment. The all-in-one unit is specifically designed to ensure plant and worker safety when processing small bags of powders or bulk solids.

Helix HiLoFlexibleScrewConveryor EnlargedOperators can easily add smaller bags of materials to a process using a bag dump station with dust collection hood. Filtration options down to 1 micron of efficiency are available to capture and confine material within the unit. The unit’s filters are cleaned using a reverse pulse-jet system to maintain filter efficiency.

To further ensure material stays within the process, an integrated bag compactor allows the operator to dispose of bags through a pass-through port from the dump station. Dual pneumatic rams push a plate to compact a pile of empty bags down to an easy-to-manage 4 ft3 (.113 m3) bundle

“Dust containment is a real issue for today’s processors,” notes Steve Grant, bag dump station and bag compactor product manager with Hapman. “For example, the chemical industry is concerned because material in dust form can threaten plant and worker safety. And it’s a concern for food processors because ingredients on the plant floor invite pests and can pose a safety threat to the plant and workers. For these and other reasons, we’re pleased to continually offer turnkey solutions for dust control.”

The Helix Hi/Lo conveyor’s unique design allows a single worker to safely and easily handle washdowns, auger changeouts and servicing from floor level. An electric actuator automatically lowers the auger to an easy-to-access height. Exclusive T-handle couplings allow disassembly in minutes. Optional external vibration can be added to assist with material flow

Stainless steel is utilized for construction with sanitary or food grade finishes available. The unit can convey to heights up to 12 ft (3.65 m) and at rates up to 25 cfm (0.7 cmm).

Hapman Ideas that move™ include the most technologically advanced powder and bulk handling equipment and systems for food, chemical, pharmaceutical, plastics and other industrial processors. That expertise combined with more than 10,000 global installations and the conveyance of more than 2,600 distinct materials make Hapman an innovation leader.