Hapman Launches New Website Designed to Give Engineers and Processors Qualified Material Handling Information

Hapman, industrial manufacturer of bulk material handling equipment and systems for more than 60 years, has launched a comprehensive new website built to help engineers and processors with equipment design and selection. The website, hapman.com has all of the necessary equipment data and specification information and is structured in a way that makes the information easy to find. The new Hapman site includes more detail than typical industrial websites, starting users with a general equipment overview and allowing them to drill down deep into the application details and equipment options. Each of the information categories has built-in subsections for quick and easy data gathering and filtering. The site search function at the top of every page gives users the ability to find all of the information they need in just a few steps. In addition to specific equipment details, the hapman.com site provides important industry reference guides and resources; white papers, case studies, bulk density guide, and more. The new site also offers more images of application examples and operational equipment video.

“We wanted a website that allowed users to get the information they need quickly and effectively while also providing a tool that is informative, relevant, and educational. This site will not be static but will continue to provide more details and industry information through our update process and blog,” notes Greg Patterson, Vice President of Hapman. In addition to equipment details, the site provides information about the company and direct contact information for product managers. “Knowing who you are working with is important. Most of our equipment uses capital money and is engineered for a specific application. This means our customers and potential customers need to feel confident they know the quality of the organization and the people they have chosen to work with. The decision they make early on in a project regarding which company to partner with can make or break the success of that project,” states Jim Hughes, Director of Sales for Hapman. Site users can also contact Hapman by completing a quick contact form, material test request form, or a request for quote form. Each form only requires a few pieces of necessary information for submission. Personal response is very fast and efficient, usually within 24 hours for non-emergency requests.