Hapman Expands Full Line of Flexible Screw Conveyors

The New Helix® 800 Offers High Material Flow Rates and Surge Capacity in a Single Unit

Hapman announced the release of the Helix® 800, an 8" nominal casing size, to the already broad line of Flexible Screw Conveyors. The newly released Helix is the largest of the flexible screw conveyors, moving up to 30 ft3/min. and includes a 20 cubic foot integral hopper. The new conveying system is engineered and manufactured exclusively by Hapman and is one of the largest flexible screw conveyors in the industry. The conveyor and integral hopper offer processors high volume material movement coupled with minimal downtime for material refill.

“The Helix 800 is designed for processors in chemical, pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, plastics, wastewater, food, and any other industry where powders, crystals, granules, flakes, or pellet material is needed to move in large mass,” explains Mike Zeluff, Hapman Product Manager. The Helix 800 improves a producer’s throughput by including a large storage hopper with the conveyor. The hopper consistently and evenly feeds the conveyor, providing optimum flow and output from the conveyor to the main process. The extended hopper size also provides a storage-like environment where raw material can be in a preprocessing stage and operators are not committed to continually feeding the large conveyor.

The evaluation and purchase of the Helix model 800 begins with a free analysis of material flow and a budget proposal. “The material test provides our customers with a risk-free purchase. They already know before the equipment is installed on their plant floor how the material will behave in the hopper and in the conveyor, and any flow issues have already been addressed before purchase. This analysis is especially critical when using large volume conveyor hoppers. The analysis can determine if any flow aid devices may be required to ensure proper flow as the level in the hopper decreases,” explains Mike Zeluff, Hapman Product Manager.

To schedule a free material test and budget proposal on the Helix 800 or any other Helix Flexible Screw Conveyor model, Click Here, call 800-427-6260 or e-mail Mike Zeluff at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..