New Custom Design, Real-Time 3D Equipment Configurator from Hapman

Kalamazoo, Mich. – November 10, 2014 – Hapman, the industry leader in bulk material handling equipment, has released an exclusive 3D custom equipment configurator for its Bulk Bag Unloader. The configurator, located on the Bulk Bag Unloader equipment page, allows users to quickly and easily create the exact Bulk Bag Unloader to fit their needs. The configurator is launched through the click of a button on the right navigation menu. Once inside the configurator, the user can design the custom equipment that fits their specifications. The user can select bag dimensions, frame type, discharge valve, spout-tie off, and more. Once all equipment option selections are complete, the Hapman configurator allows the user to view the 3D image of the equipment created in real time. Changes can be made to the selected options and the 3D image re-rendered in seconds. Once the user has completed their selections, the configurator allows the user to download the 3D image and save it for use in their drawings. The Hapman configurator provides over 150 2D and 3D software file choices, giving users the flexibility to have the exact file type they need. In addition to obtaining the custom equipment in a drawing file, the Hapman configurator has options for a PDF download and to request a quote.

“This technology gives our customers full access to design the equipment they need quickly and easily and get the 3D drawing in real-time. In addition to the 3D drawing download, I think the most useful part of the configurator is the RFQ feature. Now customers can create the exact Bulk Bag Unloader they need and send me a request for quote all within a matter of minutes,” explains Craig Thomas, Hapman Product Manager.

The Hapman Bulk Bag Unloader 3D configurator uses the latest technology to provide customers with tools that help to make their job easier while also allowing for better purchasing decisions. Thomas noted, “the 3D configurator is a great tool that will save time and money and provide the 3D drawing that our customers need right on the spot”. To access the free Hapman 3D configurator visit the Bulk Bag Unloader equipment page or contact Craig Thomas, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..