Hapman's Tubular Drag Chain Conveyor Gives the S.S. Badger, America's Largest Coal-Fired Steamship New Life

Kalamazoo, Mich. — Hapman’s Tubular Drag Chain Conveying System provides a new, sealed ash-handling system for the 62-year-old SS Badger, the last coal-fired steamship operating on Lake Michigan. The conveying system will allow the ship to meet Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) requirements and continue normal operations beginning in May, 2015. The Badger is a passenger and car ferry that safely transports people and cargo from Ludington, Mich. to Manitowc, Wis. and back.

Hapman’s conveyor system will assist the SS Badger to meet EPA requirements by eliminating the discharge of coal ash from the ship into Lake Michigan. The Badger has four coal-powered boilers on board which it uses to create steam to power the ship. The Hapman Tubular Drag Chain Conveyor System is a completely sealed conveying system that will transport coal ash from each of the Badger’s boilers 180 feet, safely depositing the waste material into one of four containment bins located on the ship’s deck. The ash will remain in the sealed bins until the ship docks in port. The containers will be emptied at shore and the ash will be sold for use in cement-making.

Installation of the conveyor system is underway and will be fully operational when the ship sets sail on May 15, 2015. The SS Badger, a 410-foot carferry launched in 1952, travels between Manitowoc, Wis. to Ludington, Mich. The ferry can carry 600 passengers and 180 vehicles.

Henry Hapman invented the Tubular Drag Conveyor in 1945, as a reliable way to move material across a plant. Today, the Tubular Drag Conveyor successfully handles a diverse range of materials, from hardened steel shot, to peanuts, to chemical powders, to pasta, and more.

The engineering, design, and material handling experience coupled with the unyielding commitment for efficient, reliable operation are the elements that make the Hapman Tubular Drag Conveyors the industry standard mechanical conveyor of modern manufacturing and power production.

Headquartered in Kalamazoo, Mich., Hapman provides worldwide tailored equipment and systems to move thousands of distinct materials in the chemical, utility, energy, food, pharmaceutical, plastics, building, minerals and a varying range of other industries.