Hapman Automates Aluminum Foundry Transfer Process with a Dependable, Heavy-Duty Single Strand Top Carry Drag Conveyor

Kalamazoo, Mich. — Hapman, an industry leader in bulk material handling equipment and systems, engineers a Single Strand Top Carry Drag Chain Conveyor to automate foundry transfer process.

Hapman Drag Chain ConveyorManually shoveling sand to fill cope and drag boxes (casting flask) for sand casting is a physically demanding process for mold makers. Mold makers shovel on average, 20 tons/day of casting sand weighing 100 lbs. per cubic foot into an average of 70-80 molds per day. This demanding operating condition creates a high-level of physical strain on the mold maker’s body. To automate this process and improve operating conditions, Hapman designed and manufactured a Single Strand Top Carry Drag Chain Conveyor with integral hopper.

The redesigned mold filling process begins as prepared moist foundry sand is introduced into the hopper by a small skid steer loader. The dense material is screened as it enters the hopper to eliminate aluminum tramp metals or larger pieces from entering the process. The hopper features an electro-polished stainless steel finish, a pin style agitator, and a vibrator to keep material from bridging and to provide consistent material flow into the conveyor. The drag chain moves the sand in a consistent, metered flow to the discharge point where the mold maker controls the filling of the casting flask.

The Hapman Single Strand Top Carry Drag Chain Conveyor features a design that offers minimal maintenance requirements, and abrasion resistant construction. The Hapman drag chain is engineered in a CrMn Alloy and drop-forged construction. The chain is machined, carburized, and case hardened for strength and durability. The bolted UHMW Polyurethane flight design reduces the possibility of sand sticking on the flights while also resisting wear and providing a quiet operation.

Hapman’s Single Strand Top Carry Drag Conveyor increased production capacity for the foundry by 20 percent. Automating the foundry sand transfer process significantly reduced ergonomic risk factors and improved the daily physical strain on mold makers, resulting in lower disability insurance costs and reduced claims. The Single Strand top Carry Drag Conveyor, along with all Hapman equipment, comes with an exclusive Performantee®, a true performance guarantee that ensures the equipment achieves the specific results it was designed and manufactured to deliver.