For more than 70 years, Hapman has been developing conveying systems that keep your materials moving where you need them. That’s why you’ll find more than 10,000 Hapman installations worldwide in the chemical, food, pharmaceutical, plastics, building, minerals and other industries. Each of our material handling equipment installations offers a solution to specific conveying needs, and each delivers expected performance results, guaranteed.

And while Hapman has solved thousands of conveying problems and designed innovative ways to move more than 2,600 distinct materials, our engineers and manufacturing staff will not pull an idea off the shelf and give it to you. We create your solution by first listening to what you need and finding out the answers to several important questions, such as:

  • Do you need to stop dusting? Prevent contamination? Clean easily?
  • What process controls do you need? Precise delivery? A gravimetric or volumetric loss-in-weight automated solution? Batch, intermittent or continuous flow? Are you trying to cut labor, energy or maintenance costs? Use less floor space, convey around equipment or at multiple levels?
  • What type of materials must you move? Are they abrasive, delicate, corrosive, friable, aerate easily, high in moisture content, powders, solids or slurry?
  • What material quality challenges must you overcome? Degradation, agglomeration, segregation or other?

Then we come back with the best material handling solution for your specific application – one that offers the flexibility and versatility in design that gets the results YOU want, not the results our previous customers needed. Then we let you take the idea for a FREE Material Test to make sure it’s the right solution for addressing the problems or challenges you face in your process, or helping you take advantage of opportunities to develop new products or enter new markets. Once we have your design approval, we will manufacture your material handling equipment and ship it to you quickly, in as little as two to three days, so you have your Hapman solution when you need it.

Your Hapman product comes with our Performantee® that you will be fully satisfied with its performance results. You will have our support from installation to future questions with our 24/7 direct access line to our technical team. They will give you timely answers to keep your business flowing.

Ready for an idea that moves your business? We have sales representatives ready to help in offices around the world. Contact us or submit a request for quote today.



Company Vision

Hapman will be an excellent company where
our customers brag about doing business with us and
we are proud to have our family and friends work here.

Company Mission

Hapman will provide our customers with superior solutions to their material handling requirements by having excellent application knowledge, equipment, customer service and support.

Company Values

“We sleep well at night.” By that we mean we do the right thing to the best of our ability. We treat our customers, representatives, employees, and suppliers fairly and honestly, always maintaining the highest level of integrity.

We strive to provide our customers with excellent equipment and a relationship that meets or exceeds their expectations.

We promise to provide our employees a safe and pleasant working environment free of harassment and discrimination, with competitive wages and benefits, and opportunities for training and personal growth. We encourage employee involvement in outside activities that benefit family and community.

Company Purpose

To be a sustainable company
that makes a difference in people’s lives
by being profitable through ethical business practices.