Bulk Bag Fillers

The NT Series offers sturdy arms for looped bag handles that can be easily hung, while the bag filling machines in our Heavy-Duty Series are designed with sliding hooks for quick loading of empty bags and safe unloading of full bags. Both models come with Hapman’s exclusive inflatable bladder design for a dust-tight seal during the bulk bag filling process.

  • Bulk bag filling systems are fed either directly from equipment or from a feed conveyor.
  • The empty bag is placed on the secure arms (NT Series) or on the lift hooks (Heavy-Duty Series) of the bag filling machines.
  • The bag spout is placed over the bladder.
  • The filling button is activated to begin the filling of the bladder.
  • Once the bag is securely in place, material can begin to flow into the bag.
  • When the bag is full, the release button is pressed, allowing the bladder to deflate.
  • The filled bag can then be removed from the filling station.


  • Hapman’s bulk bag filling machines handle various bag sizes up to 4,000 lbs (1,814 kg).
  • Engineered, dust-tight bladder filling mechanism on both the NT Series and Heavy-Duty Series bag filling machines for maximum dust control.
  • Cantilevered, heavy-gauge steel tubing frame with adjustable or fixed height for unrestricted bag access from three sides.
  • Forklift pockets for easy movement.

Heavy Duty Series Bulk Bag Filling Machines 

A. Pneumatic controls – Easily accessible for efficient bag change out. B. Traversing and quick-releasing rear hook assemblies – Rear hooks can travel to the front of the filler. This allows for easy staging of the bag and allows the operator to release the rear straps from the front of the frame when the bag is filled. C. Screw jack and powered carriage – The screw jack raises and lowers the bag carriage to accommodate different size bulk bags while allowing bags to be staged at an operator-friendly height. The powered carriage allows the bag to be filled while hanging and then lowered to the pallet, resulting in a bulk bag that is more stable because it has a properly filled base. This fill method also safeguards your operators from drop hazards associated with suspended hanging/filling systems. D. Venturi bag inflation/deareation option – The Venturi allows the operator to inflate the bag easily for filling with desired material. It will then work as a deaerator when the bag is filled.

NT Series Bulk Bag Filling Machines

  • These bulk bag filling systems provide three-sided access in a cost-efficient, simplified design.
  • Fixed or adjustable frame height to accommodate a range of bag sizes.
  • Feed directly from your equipment or from a Hapman conveyor.
  • Can be used to fill bags up to 2,000 lbs.
  • Redesigned quick-release safety hooks offer a single switch lever to quickly and safety release a filled bag.
  • Tote or drum filling adapter for accurate FIBC filling.
  • Vibration table fills bags more completely (see video below).
  • Load cells deliver precise bulk bag filling results (see image below).
  • Roller conveyor increases productivity for continuous applications.
  • Bag pre-inflator and deaerator maximizes bag capacity and improves filled bag stackability.
  • Motorized height adjustment safeguards operators (see image below).
  • Traversing and quick-releasing rear hook assemblies increase operator safety (see video below).
  • Hang weighing system fills bags more precisely and requires no recalibration when moved to different locations (see image below).
  • Batch weigh control systems available.
  • Stainless steel or carbon steel.

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Detailed Features

Screw jack for raising and lowering bag carriage.
Bulk bag filler with optional hang weighing system fills bags more precisely and requires no recalibration when moved to different locations.
Heavy-duty bulk bag filler model with densification option including vibration table and load cells.
Maximize bag capacity and improve filled bag stackability with the optional bag pre-inflator and deaerator.

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