Liquid/Solid Systems

Save Time, Energy, Maintenance and Floor Space with the Hapman Solidquid Powder and Liquid Slurry Delivery System.

Unlike traditional mixing applications that use a liquid-filled tank with dry product dumped on top, the Solidquid system needs no additional mechanical conveyors, and you can save money by connecting to existing liquid delivery equipment. Tank mixing systems have several motors that run various pieces of equipment required to properly move and blend dry and liquid components. The Solidquid slurry delivery system uses the motive liquid and engineered venturi to effectively produce a slurry mixture.

The Solidquid has only one motor that runs the feeder; fewer motors means less maintenance and lower energy costs. Plus, Solidquid’s small footprint takes up less floor space and offers more flexibility in equipment layout.

Powder is metered into the wetting cone that feeds the eductor. A portion of the motive stream is tapped before the eductor and used as a washdown on the wetting cone. This mitigates the opportunity for material to cling to the side of the hopper and maintains a liquid level within the cone, reducing the amount of entrained air and aiding in maintaining discharge pressure. The motive liquid stream enters the eductor through a converging nozzle, creating a high-velocity jet. Liquid leaving the converging nozzle expands in the discharge horn, generating a vacuum that draws the material from the wetting cone into the eductor. The powder is entrained, forming a slurry.

General Rules of Application

  1. It is best if the motive fluid viscosity is below 100 centipose.
  2. The ratio of liquid to solid achieved in a single pass averages 10 wt/wt%. Higher concentrations are possible with different flow and pressure rates, but may require a recirculation loop when higher concentrations are required.
  3. Powder additions that raise the viscosity above 400 centipose are discouraged.
  4. Non-Newtonian fluids are not able to be handled by these systems.
Powder is metered into the wetting cone that feeds the eductor. |
  • Hapman’s PosiPortion feeder precisely meters powder delivery
  • Continuous and accurate liquid-to-solid ratio
  • Reduces required floor space and potentially downsizes tank requirements with a slurry pre-process
  • Improves liquid-to-solid contact
  • Eliminates product dusting
  • Captures and uses even airborne product from the vacuum generated by the venturi effect, which pulls airborne material particles into the motive liquid stream
  • Handles a range of flexible intermediate bulk container (FIBC) sizes up to 4,000 lbs with the height-adjustable, fork-lift-style bulk bag frame
  • Increases efficiency with large bulk bags that permit longer, uninterrupted production runs and less operator assistance
  • Keeps bulk solids flowing smoothly with Hapman’s bulk bag unloader agitation paddles
  • Hoist-and-trolley bulk bag frame allows operators to quickly load and unload bulk bags
  • Bag agitators maintain an uninterrupted flow of materials from the bulk bag
  • Access chamber with integral dust collector pulls airborne particulate away from the operator and eliminates lost product and a potential waste stream typical of other remote dust collector options
  • LumpMaster® effectively breaks up agglomerated material prior to entering the PosiPortion feeder to assure a more consistent feed and easy mixing into the motive liquid stream
  • Controls for ease of calibration, recipe changes, status monitoring, performance monitoring, and diagnostics
Optional bulk bag unloader with agitation paddles
Skid-mounted pre-mixing solid/liquid system. Dry material is manually emptied into the bag dump station, full system controls automate the slurry production and tank filling.

Our Solidquid solid-liquid slurry system has a two-stage design. Stage one creates a vacuum which helps to suck powders or granulates into the eductor. Stage two disperses solid components into the liquid phase. These application examples illustrate the versatility and power of this equipment.

Slurry created with a Helix® Flexible Screw Conveyor – This configuration can be used in a wide variety of applications. Here the Helix is feeding dry material into the inlet hopper of the Posiportion Feeder. The feeder is metering the dry product into the wetting cone of the Solidquid system.

Slurry made using a Vacuum Conveyor to storage tank – In this application example our Vacuum Conveyor is used to easily convey material right from the supply barrel or bag into the eductor of the Solidquid. The slurry is conveyed up into the holding tank using the pressure from the Slurry delivered from a Hoist and Trolley Bulk Bag Unloader.

Optimal efficiency is achieved when coupling the Solidquid slurry delivery system with bulk handling and pre-processing components – In this system, the bulk material enters the delivery process through the use of an electrically operated Hoist and Trolley Bulk Bag Unloader. The material flow is enhanced with the optional pneumatic bag agitator, allowing material to flow in a free form through the discharge valve and into a LumpMaster lump breaker. Clumps in the material are broken down to ¾” size or less and delivered to the inlet hopper of the Posiportion volumetric feeder. The feeder then meters the dry material into the Solidquid slurry delivery system. The vacuum created in the Solidquid system effectively blends the solid and liquid and moves the slurry downstream.

Slurry produced from Major and Minor Ingredients ­– For applications with multiple materials missing from the process.

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