Our founder's original "Idea That Move" gave birth to both our company and the Tubular Drag Conveyor.

Henry Hapman invented the Tubular Drag Conveyor in 1945 in Detroit, Michigan. The concept for the totally enclosed, multi-plane conveyor came from his industrial manufacturing experience as a mechanical engineer. He recognized the need for a conveyor that could effectively move material from point to point when the distance between the two was not a clear path. As World War II was ending, Mr. Hapman knew the focus of industrial manufacturing would shift from government to consumer. He saw Tubular Drag Conveyors as a way to effectively move material the distance of a plant, providing inlet stations and discharge points where needed.

The vision of Henry Hapman forever changed the manner in which dry material is moved in industrial production facilities. Over the years, others have attempted to copy our Tubluar Drag Conveyors, but they have never created a true equal. Our engineering, design, and bulk material handling experience coupled with our unyielding passion for efficient, reliable operation are the elements that make Hapman Tubular Drag Conveyors the premium mechanical conveyor of modern manufacturing.